Young in EU project to create hope in an uncertain world

By on February 19, 2017

In February, organized a camp on Värmdö outside Stockholm where young cultural producers from the Baltic Sea region meet in the framework of the EU project RIBS. The aim is to produce a music video for a song that one of the participants recorded, a song that pays tribute to international cooperation in a time of uncertainty.

The 24-26 th February organized a camp at the Youth Culture House Gurraberg with the theme of professional music video production with two of the Nordic region most experienced music video producers. The camp revolves around a song that was written by 19-year-old Vincent Bugozi from Gotland and produced by Abbe Aronsson, 16, from Värmdö.

The song is called “Keep this good” and is about how humanity must work together to overcome the polarization that seems to grow ever larger in our world, says Vincent Bugozi.

Vincent lives on Gotland and is originally from Tanzania. He describes his musical style as African pop, a blend of Western pop and African rhythms.

Mentor for the participants during the camp is Mikael “Mikeadelica” Gustafsson, one of the Nordic region’s most experienced music video producers. He has made videos for artists like Måns Zelmerlöw, Carola, Eric Saade, Lars Winnebäck, Kartellen and Weeping Willows.

Many of the participants in the RIBS are engaged in social entrepreneurship in an international environment, with the goal to be both reformers and successful entrepreneurs.

It is incredibly inspiring to run a project that brings together young people around the Baltic Sea with professional actors from the cultural and creative industries, says Fredrik Nordbladh at Film Stockholm, project leader for RIBS.

The project has found new ways to bring together young people’s creativity with professional knowledge and experience. This type of approach will make the participants really competitive in a future that is increasingly on developing creative services and products, says Fredrik Nordbladh.

The camp is made within the framework of the EU project RIBS (Rolling images into business startups) that aims to support young entrepreneurs between 16 and 18 years to develop the cultural and creative industries (KKN). The project runs 2015-2018 and financed by the Interreg Central Baltic Programme and is operated by FiIm Stockholm that is Stockholm region’s resource center for film.

The camp is a positive example of how EU funds will enable us to build sustainable social and economic relationships with neighboring countries, says Fredrik Nordbladh.

The camp is arranged February 24 to 26 at Gurraberg Young culture house in the Gustavsberg center outside Stockholm.

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