World artists to Brunkebergstorg

By on April 24, 2019

TAK has during the spring invested heavily in a club with international bookings. Now the level of ambition is raised further for the summer, where the neighbors Stockholm Under Stjärnorna and TAK together created a qualitative and well-known entertainment program for the two roof terraces over Brunkebergstorg. Behind the initiative is the Stockholm profiles Victor Sanchez and Julio Chichelnitzky under the leadership of TAK’s new CEO Henrik Jacobsen.

Tak already had an active and vibrant music profile last year, but has joined the neighbor SUS in the summer season to offer a broad and extensive music and entertainment program. Several major concerts and clubs are planned with artists such as Timbuktu & Damn, Mr Ties, Maurice Fulton, Aurora Halal and Cymande. Then the program is filled by both international and local DJs.

“It feels both fun and natural to work with Victor on SUS. We have taken inspiration from how a music festival is structured, and created different surfaces with different themes where visitors can move freely between them. In this way, the two terraces become part of a larger context that invites new opportunities to work with music programming,” says Julio Chichelnitzky

“I believe that the two brands together complement one another, and it feels natural to find new forms of cooperation. We work hard on continuing to develop the products and I am very proud of what our team has produced for this year’s season. Now we just hope for the weather! ”, concludes Henrik Jacobsen, CEO of Restaurang TAK and Operations Manager for Stockholm Under Stjärnorna.

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Klarakvarteren