White Musk L’Eau – Scent for a better world

By on April 14, 2017

Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop, not only ran successful animal rights campaigns. She also created a whole new way of thinking about smells. Myk deer have long been plagued to extract real myth. 1981 when The Body Shop launched its first White Musk Scent, it was one of the world’s first scents that used ethical vegan musk. The original cruelty free White Musk® scent was the first of its kind, and is still a modern classic.

The news White Musk® L’Eau is a fresh and fruity twist on the iconic scent. It captures The Body Shops passionate story of activism and commitment to cruelty free beauty.

“White Musk embraces your senses and feels like a second skin. A fresh and sensual bouquet of flowers that fits perfectly with the fine-tuned myth for a classic, pure scent.” Dominique Ropion, perfume maker.


The Body Shops signature Doft White Musk® is a tribute to the sensual. A fresh floral bouquet matched by unique myth. The enticing combination of purity and sensual floral notes create a perfect harmony of your skin. Citrus, coriander and galbanum are woven together with luxurious chords of iris, liljekonvalj and jasmine.

If you love the original, the new White Musk® L’Eau fragrance is your new vegan favorite. The refined sensuality of the signature scent may be embraced by spring freshness. White Musk® L’Eau is sweetened with notes of pears in a fruity layer that fits perfectly with the classic blend of lily of the valley, jasmine and roseessens.

“With this new chapter I wanted to talk to the new generation. The crispy modern frescoes are easy to bear and irresistibly fruity and give a greener feeling.” Dominique Ropion, perfume maker.

WHITE MUSK® L’EAU – IN SHOP 2 MAY – 100 ml, 395:-

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