Where starting #I IRL?

By on November 6, 2016

How creates young people’s identity today? Youth on Opera #I is a modern dance performance choreographed by Christina Tingskog for children between 10-12 years. First performance on Opera Rotunda on 19 November.

Who am I among selfies and avatars? Where starting #I IRL? #I is an adventure trip about identity, power and powerlessness in the digital world, where dancers play with the phenomena and expressions of social media and video games.

Music, movement, set design and shadow interact and create a journey where #I face challenges, adventure and people in both virtual and real environments. Behind the dramatic and technically advanced set design with light, animation and video projections are set designer Mark Granquist. The composer Daniel Nelson has created a fast-paced electronic sound world for the journey ahead.

Choreographer Christina Tingskog’s performances are challenging the young audience with topics beyond the standard that Einstein’s theory of relativity and astrophysics. Her choreography characterized by humor, heat and the artful.

It is more the technique that has changed than human need to give a certain image of itself to the outside world, said Christina Tingskog’s.

Music by Daniel Nelson from #I!

Participating dancers: Björn Nilsson, Gjertrud Lager Olaussen, Maria Påhls, Michelle Persson and Nino Josef.

CHOREOGRAPHY Christina Tingskog
MUSIC Daniel Nelson
COSTUME & MASK Anna Kjellsdotter
DRAMATURGIST Sigrid Harrault
The performance lasts 55 minutes

Schools can book tickets by contacting skolforestallningar@operan.se

#I played t o m on 11 December.

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