Werth does it again in the Saab Top 10

By on December 2, 2018
Roland Thunholm

Isabell Werth rode her star horse Weihegold OLD to victory in the Saab Top 10 Dressage Grand Prix. A confident, third straight win in Stockholm for the German World Champion gold medalist.

Fellow German rider Dorothee Schneider with Sammy Davis Jr. placed second at her first competition at Friends Arena.
– The Saab Top 10 is a great concept that will motivate riders on all levels. The Arena is incredible as well as the audience and I’m very happy to be here. I have a happy horse who likes to work so it makes it all that much easier to do well, said a smiling Dorothee.

Patrik Kittel claimed third place with his European Championship horse Delaunay OLD.
– I had the luxury of starting first so I could enjoy watching all the other riders who were absolutely top class! I’ve never seen these horses perform this well. When it was over I was hungry for more and didn’t want it to end, Patrik commented during the press conference.

The Saab Top 10 final really lives up to its name.
-The concept is great for the riders, horses and owners and is more than just about the cooperation between Swedish Dressage and Saab, Isabell Werth commented and praised Patrik and Saab for their hard work.

– Preparations have taken a lot of time and effort but we are now seeing results and the concept is really starting to bloom, Patrik said enthusiastically. Next year it will be even easier to get other riders involved.
– You can really see how this has developed riders in all areas – Junior, Young Rider and the U25 team, added Isabell.

Swedish chef d’Equipe Bo Jenå nodded in agreement
– I am very proud of the Top 10 development and look very much forward to our continued cooperation with Saab. We are already qualified for the Olympics in Tokyo for example, which allows us to relax a little and focus on training, coaching and development of our system and small details that will produce even better results in the long-term.

Håkan Buskhe, CEO for Saab, says the Top 10 would not be possible without Patrik.
-This program is very important for Saab and we are very happy with the progress so far. Our engagement with Top 10 is very exciting. It not only allows us to help Swedish Dressage, it helps us with our recruiting efforts as well.

– Saab has over 12,000 engineers but needs to recruit 1200 per year and preferably more women. Today we are pleased to announce that we plan to expand and extend the cooperation with Patrik Kittel to 2024.

There is an unmistakable enthusiasm and commitment in the press room that indicate the future is bright for Saab Top 10 and Swedish Dressage.

Next up on Sunday is the Saab Top 10 Dressage Grand Prix Freestyle.
Better dressage than this is hard to find!

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm