Vaginas in focus in new exhibition in the fight against genital mutilation

By on January 13, 2019

On January 25, the gates open for the exhibition Artworks 4 Change in gallery Wallery on Riddargatan in Stockholm. About fifty works of art are put out by established artists with different orientations from all over Sweden, including Regina Lund, Ylva Maria Thompson and Caroline Tamm.

All works of art are specially ordered where the artists have been commissioned to interpret or depict the vagina or women’s right to their body. Artworks 4 Change will be on January 25 – January 31 with the purpose of paying attention, and through the sale of the works, to support the work in the fight against genital mutilation. All revenue goes in full to Plan Sweden and their project in place in Africa.

Every six seconds a girl is mutilated. Today, 200 million women are estimated to be genital mutilated. If the trend continues, it will be another 15 million in 2030. Now the non-profit, newly started association Artworks 4 Change wants to contribute to the work for a fair and equal world for girls and women. Behind the initiative and the initiative is Lip Intimate Care.

– In many societies, girls are shifted from family and home if they are not genital mutilated. The procedure is awful both when it occurs and through the suites it provides for the rest of your life. Through Artworks 4 Change we have found a way to contribute to the work against genital mutilation together with Plan Sweden, says Emma Bergqvist, founder and project manager at Artworks 4 Change.

During the vernissage evening, which opens up for more guests from 16.30, the stars and live bands also appear. The exhibition then runs until January 31st at Wallery, Riddargatan 1, Stockholm.

Don’t miss the opening of Artworks 4 Change at gallery Wallery Friday 25th January 2019.

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