V/S [versus]: “Has created a whole new style”

By on October 15, 2018
Mini Gemoll

V/S [verus] mixes two styles from different worlds and creates something new. The performance will be shown in December at the Dance Museum and the three acts will be interspersed with a three-course dinner at Bistro Rolf de Maré.

Tobias Wallin, professional dancer from Let’s Dance, is really happy about the collaboration and at the moment he is fully rehearse with Let’s Dance colleague and dancer Helena Fransson, Katariina Edling and Jan-Erik Wikström, both from the Royal Ballet.

– Mixing two styles from two different worlds has created a whole new style. The subtleties and all work with two über pro like Katariina and Jan-Erik also make the result reach a new level of dance, says Tobias Wallin.

It was Katariina Edling who first came up with the idea that the four dancers would make a merger of ballet and ballroom, in front of a smaller project in the summer of 2017. The collaboration escalated, after positive repsons from the audience, to a performance of three acts. On the coup they became good friends, and to rehears feels more like “hanging out with your pals and jama little” tells Tobias.

– In autumn, it is extremely much of rehearsing, and we also do a school tour with the help of Performing Arts Sörmland, where seven different schools can take part in high-level dance and culture. It’s incredibly fun to do and to be able to offer students it, says Tobias Wallin.

Behind him, Tobias Wallin has eleven seasons as a dancer in Let’s Dance and is thus the dancer who participated most of the time in TV4’s production. Among the celebrities he taught dance to the television program, Leila Bagge, Yvonne Ryding and Nanne Grönvall can be mentioned.

Both Tobias Wallin and Helena Fransson have been in the finals on various occasions. Helena has done nine seasons in Let’s Dance, each of the last four as a costume designer for all dancers. But now everything is focusing on their performance V/S [versus] goes the Dance Museum, which is premiere in December. Tobias Wallin is super tagged:

– Which dancer does not want to stand on stage !? And to share with their knowledge, they have accumulated during many years … But also to share our idea of dance art and how it can develop the existing one. We are experimenting, says Tobias.

V / S [versus] goes the Dance Museum at the Dance Museum 5-9 December 2018. Tickets can be purchased at Kulturbiljetter.se or in Dansmuseets shop.Price: Dinner performance SEK 931, After Work show SEK 306.
Address: Drottninggatan 17.

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm