Unique opportunity to see Dalí’s giant sculptures in Stockholm

By on December 15, 2018

A successful collaboration between the Stockholm Fair, Stockholm City and Mollbrink’s Art has made it possible for the largest exhibit with Salvador Dalí’s bronze sculptures to be displayed in Stockholm at the same time as the Antique Fair takes place from 14-17 February. The three largest “monumental” sculptures – one of them five meters high and three tons heavy – are placed in the middle of Stockholm city where they can be viewed by the public as of February 5th.

A total of almost 40 of the Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dalís (1904-1989) sculptures will be displayed. In addition to the three giant sculptures in the city, there are also four other major sculptures and a dozen smaller ones that appear at the Antique Fair, which is organized by the Stockholm Fair in Älvsjö. All sculptures will be for sale.

– I feel proud that in this way we can showcase the largest Dalí exhibition in the Nordic countries so far. I am convinced that it will make a big impact not only at the Antique Fair, but throughout Stockholm, says Göran Ekberg, Project Manager for the Antique Fair.

Even Stockholm’s city is engaged in the exhibition and has, among other things, seen to it so that the three monumental sculptures can be placed in three real central places in the city: Kungsträdgården, Norrmalmstorg and Brunkebergstorg.

– It is unusual and very fun that an actor like the Stockholm Fairs “moves in to city” and wants to invite Stockholm to this type of event, says Roger Ticoalu, event manager Stockholm city, and continues:
– This is a unique opportunity we had to take care of, and it will be powerful with these giant sculptures of one of the world’s greatest artists in the middle of town!

The one who first came to the idea of ​​the exhibition, and who also conveyed the contact with the Swiss owner of the sculptures, is Johan Hauffman, who is the exhibition manager at Mollbrink Konst in Uppsala.

– Getting one of these monumental sculptures is hard, and getting three at the same time is almost impossible. They are usually only shown one and one in different world metropolises, says Johan Hauffman, a specialist in Salvador Dalí.

What is it that you think is so special with Dalí’s sculptures?

– I have always enjoyed the surrealist art and what is particularly fascinating with these sculptures are all more or less hidden messages and symbols. I think they are amazing!

The three monumental sculptures located in the city of Stockholm are:
Persistence of Memory, Brunkebergstorg. Height: 5.0 meters. Weight: 3,000 kg.
The Nobility of Time, Kungsträdgården. Height: 4.9 meters. Weight: 1,350 kg.
Woman Aflame, Norrmalmstorg. 3.6 meters. Weight: 500 kg.

Antique Fair – 14-17 February at the Stockholm Fair
The antique fair is the largest antique fair in the Nordic region with 250 exhibitors in antiques, vintage, modern design, art, curiosa and building care. Here you will meet experts, listen to interesting presentations and be inspired by exciting exhibitions. Everything at the Antique Fair can be bought on site.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm