Two artists appointed for figuration assignments

By on May 6, 2017

Two artists appointed for figuration assignments in new buildings at Södersjukhuset.

Cultural administration regularly engages artists to create art that contributes to stimulating and care-based care environments in the county. With a new treatment facility with major emergency rooms and new operating rooms, a new care facility and a new providing area, Södersjukhuset will be rusted for the future.

Two artists have been appointed for assignments at Södersjukhuset.

The artists are:

Camilla Boström, Gothenburg
The assignment intends to an approximately 40 meter high wall in a staircase. (Image above) The artistic figuration should treat the wall as a whole, at the same time as it on a interesting way shall relate to the different floor levels.

Maja Droetto, Gothenburg
The assignment concerns a glazed courtyard at waiting places for a new emergency reception. The courtyard should be an artistically well-designed space that can be experienced from the surrounding premises.

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