TULA Dreamy skies

By on January 21, 2019

What’s on the other side of the rainbow?

Lovely Tula Dreamy Skies has a blue base with colorful rainbows covering the harness. The pattern continues over the wearer’s belt, shoulder straps, waist belt and detachable hood. The carrier is adjustable and ergonomic from newborn to 20 kg, no infant insert is needed.

Dreamy Skies is available in BabyTula’s Carrier Models Explore and Free to grow.

Baby Tula was founded in 2009 by the two adventurous parents Ula and Mike. The first carrier was manufactured in Poland and today about ten years later, Tula is found in over 50 countries and is sold in more than 2,250 stores. A large part of Tula’s global success can be explained by beautiful and varied patterns on ergonomic and comfortable wearing straps, which makes Tula the obvious choice for style-conscious parents.

Helena Olofsson, Business