Trendy gray peas create rush on Skansen

By on January 15, 2019
Agneta Magnusson

When Agneta Magnusson was to present her book and have a lecture on the trendy gray pea, and the equally interesting turnips and cabbage roots, on Skansen on January 16th, it was fully booked directly.

– We hadn’t counted on that, says Sarah Gühne, who is responsible for the lecture activities. Fortunately, Agneta has a gap in the calendar so she can come back for a new lecture already on January 24th.

Agneta Magnusson is a cultural scientist and seed grower and is currently up to date with the book “Gråärter, rovor – och den älskade kålroten” which deals with plants that have played an essential role for survival through history. These are kitchen plants that have yielded good harvest, survived under different conditions and been important complements in the diet.

Agneta tells about the history of kitchen plants, how they were grown and how they were used in cooking and baking. Among the chapter headings you can find, for example, “Diversities gray peas”, “Korovans palmy days” and “Old & new about cabbage roots”. For those who grow gray pea, turnip or rutabaga, the book also contains recipes for, among other things, hard thin bread on gray pea and barley flour, turnip mash with dragon and rutabaga spice crusts.

An important message in the book is that we must continue to grow these crops, otherwise they are gone forever.

-If we want to preserve this tasty diversity, we get to grow ourselves, says Agneta Magnusson, who is also the old man in the Sesam pea chops association. Few varieties are available in the trade. Anyone who is interested can join Sesam, where you as a member seeds grow and share their surplus.

Location: Skånska Gruvan, plan 3
Date and time: January 16, 2019 at 18-19 Full Book
Date and time: January 24, 2019 at 18-19

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