Tiggarna – about three revealing days in Björns garden

By on March 16, 2019
Matilda Rahm

Mia Törnqvist’s newly written piece Tiggarna is set up under the direction of Annika Hallin. First performance March 22 at Teater Giljotin. In the roles we see Ann-Sofie Rase, Samuel Fröler, Eva Rexed and Andreas Kundler.

Marie has just given Maria that begging outside ICA 100 kronor. And then SEK 100 to. But Maria wants more – she wants them to go to the ATM and takes out another 500 kronor.
Suddenly Marie beats her. And now Maria is lying and bleeding on the ground.

But how did this happen? Marie is shocked, she always does her best. But she was in a hurry to work, is stressed, it never ends, and now she can’t bear it anymore.

What does it do with the self-image of the privileged to constantly be reminded of the whole world’s injustice?

Dramatist Mia Törnqvist’s newly written play Tiggarna is a contemporary drama about two couples living a privileged life on Södermalm in Stockholm: Marie, Mehmet, Johanna and Classe. In the play, we follow them during three revealing and conflict-filled days at Björns Garden in central Stockholm.

– This is not a story about beggars but about the middle class. Mia Törnqvist has written a play about a serious subject but with a lot of comedy and recognition. These are questions that many of us are thinking about but it is difficult to know exactly how to act. Therefore, it feels exciting to try to figure this out on stage, says director Annika Hallin.

– Tiggarna point to what man’s actions lead to, that we make room for our own destruction. The core of the play is simply about our total inability to renounce welfare, says director Annika Hallin.

First performance March 22, 2019 at Teater Giljotin

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Vasastan