Three first tenants are ready for new Bromma Blocks

By on May 14, 2018

After the summer, the spade is put into the ground for the extensive expansion of Bromma Blocks. The number of tenants will be doubled to just over 160 when Bromma Blocks grows from 57,000 square meters to 81,000 square meters. Already now the first three players have signed a lease agreement – the trampoline park Yoump, Tele2 and the hair salon Rinse.

– We will be Stockholm’s most pleasant city center with a rich supply for a social, active and good life. Besides commerce, restaurants and cafés, Bromma Blocks will have fun and a wide range of health and wellness. Against this background, Yoump, Tele2 and Rinse are all the perfect players to bring in, says Pauline von Troil, commercial project manager at Bromma Blocks.

A new city center takes shape
There is a lot going on in the area on and around Bromma Blocks. Tvärbanans Kistagren is being built and Bromma Blocks gets its own station – which will lead straight into the new part of the mall. 400 new residences are planned in the urban transformation around Ulvsunda and Mariehäll, and a focus on bicycle traffic will further strengthen communications in the area. The expansion of Bromma Blocks will open the doors in autumn 2020.

– It’s a very exciting time for us and for this part of Stockholm. With the extensive expansion of Bromma Blocks we meet the needs of a growing neighborhood, says Pauline von Troil.

Yoump – Sweden’s first trampoline park
In May 2016, Yoump opened in Västerås, which became Sweden’s first trampoline park, and now the trip has come to Stockholm and Bromma Blocks. Yoump is a Swedish trampoline concept, a new generation of sports and entertainment venues where the focus is on inspiring an active and more fun lifestyle.

– We are looking forward to opening in the central and well-visited area of Bromma Blocks. It is a good venue that will accommodate between 50-70 trampolines. We believe that this is just what many people need in their daily lives to be inspired into a more active lifestyle. At Yoump there is something for the whole family and you absolutely do not have to be a gymnastics professional, says Emmy Häggkvist, Marketing Manager at Yoump.

Yoump, Tele2 and Rinse will open in autumn 2020.

Helena Olofsson, Gadgets | Bromma