This year’s health day – motion joy for the whole family

By on August 28, 2018

On September 23, Gärdet is full speed when the 1.6 & 2.6 million club organizes a Health Day. We hit records in family yoga together with the health profile Annette Lefterow. There will be Bamselopp and Bamsegympa for the smallest. Circus Cirkör teaches us acrobatics. Skansen shows up spiders and snakes. There will be movement joy with Friskis & Svettis, the Gymnastics Association, Bamse and Susanne Lanefelt. Our medical experts provide health advice. There will be music entertainment by, among others, the opera singer Charlotta Huldt, who holds in the sing along and Yvonne of Ugglas, who holds in Choir for everyone. Health Day inspires better health through exercise, knowledge and entertainment. It is free admission.

The Nordic Council of Ministers report shows that Swedish schoolchildren move least in the Nordic countries. On Health Day everybody gets the opportunity to move outside in fun forms. Circus Cirkör teaches acrobatics. Friskis & Svettis have gymnastics with us to music. There will be Bamselopp and Bamsegympa for the youngest with the Gymnastics Association.

Yvonne of Ugglas is holding in Choir for everyone with well-known songs and everyone can sing with. Together with Annette Lefterow, we will beat records in family yoga. It’s a beginner yoga for all ages. We count the number of people to beat the record. The gymnastics legend Susanne Lanefelt gets our bodies in trim. Opera singer Charlotta Huldt is holding the sing along.

Medical experts in heart and lifestyle, for example, provide personal advice. It will be a wonderful music entertainment from stage. Conferenceers during the day are Annika Jankell and Alexandra Charles. The health day ends with a quiz walk on Health’s path.

Day: Sunday, September 23rd
Time: 11: 00-16: 00
Location: Gärdet – between the Maritime Museum and Villa Källhagen
Conferences: Annika Jankell and Alexandra Charles

The 1.6 & 2.6 million club works for women’s health and quality of life.

Helena Olofsson, Training & Health | Gärdet