This year’s Christmas gift – a whole tivoli for yourself

By on November 26, 2017

Baking machine, electronic pet or nail mat? It’s not always like the Christmas gift of the year has become the highlight experience you had hoped for. This year the election fell on the electric bike, but Gröna Lund’s proposal for this year’s Christmas gift gives a much more fun ride. In the days a whole new collaboration was launched between Gröna Lund and Live It, where you for the first time can buy an entire hour at Gröna Lund for yourself.

Have you ever dreamed of having an entire tivoli for yourself? Now you can. For the first time ever, Gröna Lund has together with Live It developed a product, where private individuals (who have some extra money to juice up) can rent the whole tivoli for an hour for themselves. Of course, you are free to invite as many (or as few) friends and acquaintances as you please. The only rule is that you have an hour to take advantage of everything you want on tivoli. Then Gröna Lund opens for regular visitors.

– Normally, this is an experience we only offer to companies that want a nice staffing activity, for example, or invite their customers with families on a really special day. But, in fact, this is a childhood dream for many. Who would not like to have an entire tivoli for themself? It will be exciting to see who will be the first to buy this, says Gröna Lund sales manager Kristoffer Svensson.

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm