This happens at Skansen in September

By on August 9, 2017

The autumn month of September offers among other things Finally autumn! – theme weekends focusing on forest, garden, fish, and bread and KfS family day with Änglamarksgalan and Bamse party. Autumn market in 1900, with sales and entertainment and serving of classic body cakes, will take place the weekend of 23-24 September.

KfS family day with Bamse party and Änglamarksgalan
KfS family day at Skansen take place for the 21st time. There will be a program on Sollidenscenen for the smallest from 12 pm, there after Änglamarksgalan with guest artists from 14:00, all under the leadership of Mark Levengood.
At Bollnestorget and Orsakullen there are activities for young and old with captain Reko and Ekostigen etc.
At 12.00 – about 12.30 For the smallest: Bamses Song and dance performance. Bamse and his friends sing and dance to famous children’s songs.
14:00 – 15:00 Änglamarksgalan: Family entertainment with Ace Wilder, Benjamin Ingrosso and Love Antell, as well as elements of Bamse with friends and the Änglamarks award is given out.

Finally autumn
When autumn comes to Skansen, housework is done in houses and farms, it is preserved, pickled and saftas. We show what we used to make use of in the past and the children will be able to try out different activities. The gardens are magnificent in autumn colors. During the last theme weekend, the scent of freshly baked bread spreads when we are baking and telling about bread from the past.
2-3, 9-10, 16-17 and 30th to 1th of October

Autumn market in 1900
This is a market as it could be at the turn of the century in 1900. There are solid crafts and groceries for sale, one can play games, dance, music and mingle with characters that belong to the happy market life. 23-24 September

Folk dance show
Skansen’s folk dance team takes place at Tingsvallenscenen weekends at 16-16.30

Song and dance play
Every sunday until September 24, Skansen’s ring game children perform at Tingsvallenscenen at 15.30-16

Autumn concert in Seglora
Every Sunday in September at 15-15.45

Little Skansen Theater
Fun theater where the audience may be included at 11, 12, 14 & 15 at Lill-Skansen.

Games from before
Try to go on stilts, jump skipping-rope, roll tunnel band, etc.
At 11-17 on the meadow at Hazeliushuset.

Meet Skogsmulle and go the nature trail on your own
With the help of a map, questions and all the senses, animals and nature are perceived at Skogsmulles way. Map is located at the main entrance and at Lill-Skansen. Skogsmulle will meet you on September 9 at 12-14 at Skogsarbetarkojan.

The farm’s chores in Back Mats cabin
Help with the chores of the cottage every day at 11-16.30

Come and help Bengta, Per and Emil in Skånegården
Help with the chores on the farm every day at 11-16.30

Pony riding
Weekdays 12-15, weekends 12-16. The rides are starts on Bredablick.

Talk about animals

12.30 Talk about the reindeers. In English, at the reindeer’s enclosure.

13 Today’s animals. At the theater at Lill-Skansen.

13.30 Visent – extinct but resurrected. Animal keeper tells about a European giant and the zoos role in conservation of species at the Visent hedge.

14 Seals, herring and whistles. Animal keeper feed and tell about Skansen’s seals at the upper Sälbassängen.

14.30 Bears, fragrances and plastic pipes. Animal keeper tells about Skansen’s bears at the bear shelter.

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