This happens at Skansen in March

By on February 20, 2018
Marie Andersson/Skansen

March month starts with sport holiday activities, skating disco and Skogsmulle and ends with Easter market and Easter pyssel.

Sport holiday at Skansen
During the sport holiday you can ice-skate, skiing and kicks, try out circus art yourself in the open circus school. 24 February – 4 March

Skansen’s ice rink
Go skating in front of Sollidenscenen with views of Stockholm, grilling sausage and drinking hot chocolate. Weekdays in sport holdiday is it skating school between 11 and 12, and after that skating disco at 12-13. On the weekend 3-4 March there is it skating disco at 11-13. Skates is available for rent and the helmet is included in the price.

Open circus school
In Bragehallen is it open circus school is every Saturday between 24 February and 21 April, and every weekday and Saturday during sport holiday. Here all ages can try out circus art – balance on a ball or tense lina, juggle with tablecloths, balls and poi, rock with rock ring and climbing fabric – and real circus artists are on hand to help.

Circus Skansen
Young artists performes circus numbers at the highest level with acrobatics, juggling and magic. A big show for all children with circus dreams. Performances in Bragehallen every Sunday until April 22, at 13 and at 15. Tickets are sold at the main entrance and in the Lill-Skansen store. Price children 2 – 15 years 30: – adult 50: –

Meet Skogsmulle 3 March
Skogsmulle is on Skansen on March 3th. Then you can walk Skogsmulles nature trail on your own.

Easter at Skansen March 29 – April 8th
Easter is celebrated with Easter traditions in houses and farms, Easter pyssel in the Forest House and a real Easter market with craft and handiwork for sale. Easter celebration looked different depending on where you lived and when. In a number of environments you will be shown how to celebrate Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Eve and Easter day before.

Free for witches, and easter men, on Maundy Thursday March 29th
On Maundy Thursday there is a free entrance for all Easter witches and Easter men (up to 15 years) and then they also have to make their own broom. Perhaps it could take them all the way to Blåkulla?

Little Skansen
The children’s own zoo is open at 10-15 weekdays and 10-16 weekends and school holidays.

The pony ride is on weekdays at 13 – 14 and at 12 – 15 during weekends and school holidays. Price 50: –

Talk and food
Today’s animals at Lill-Skansen weekends at 13.
Seals, herring and whistles – the gray seals in the upper seal basin get Baltic herring every day at 14.
European bison – extinct but the resurrection. Animal keeper tells about a successful conservation work at 13.30 weekends and school holidays.
Talk about the reindeer weekends at 12.30

Open environments in March
Bakery weekdays 11-15, weekends and Easter 11-16
Bookbinding 29 – 31 March at 11-16
Bookprinting house 3-4 March and 29-31 March at 11-16
Gravity workshop 17-18 March at 11-16
Engraver Workshop Tuesday – Friday 10-15, 17-18 March and 29-30 March 11-16
Saddle Maker 24-25 March 11-16
Shoe maker 3-4 March 11-16
Smithy 10-11 March 11-16
Carpentry factory Monday – Thursday 10-15, 10-11 March and 29-30 March 11-16
Upholstery workshop 24-25 March 11-16

With reservation for changes.

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm