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The month of April offers Easter celebrations, spring planting and April weather. Now it’s time to start thinking about their fruit trees, how the cabin feel and what to so in the colonial country. Easter Market opens its doors on April 13, and Easter is celebrated until April 17. Then ended the month with a crackling Valborg bonfire, singing and music and speech to the spring.

Easter at Skansen
Easter is celebrated at Skansen from 8 to 17 April. In many environments, you can follow the Easter celebrations day by day, it will be the Easter market, visit of small witches on Maundy Thursday, storytelling in the Back Mats and concert in Seglora church on Easter Sunday.

Easter Market
Easter Market stalls are open on Bollnästorget from 13 to 17 April. Take the opportunity to buy gifts and goodies for the spring all the celebrations. Crafts in all its forms are available for sale; Iron and brass and silversmithing, leather crafts, ceramics, textiles, woodwork, Easter decorations, jewelry, delicacies and Sweden’s tastiest coffee that is roasted on site.

Easter fun for all children
Maundy Thursday has all children that comes dressed as Easter witches, or Easter old men, free admission to Skansen to make their broom and practice takeoff to the Blåkulla. Then you can also get face painted such as easter witches, easter bunny or chicken.
Easter Pyssel ongoing in Skogens house every day 8 to 17 April at 10:00 to 16:00. Pysslet costs 30: -. In Back Mats cabin is told stories every day between 11.00 and 15.00.
On Orsakullen stands sausage grills set, at Lill-Skansen presented The Day animals and at Bredablick waits ponies for small riders. On Easter market there is also a nice fishpond.

Easter Traditions
The different days of themes can be seen in four houses during the Easter period. In Väla school appears Maundy Thursday, Good Friday in Oktorpsgården, in Skånegården Easter Saturday, where it is also äggapickning and egg rolling April 15 to 16, and in the Hardware stores dwelling shows how the Easter Day was celebrated.

Music in Easter
In Seglora church performed the Easter chorales with the Salvation Army Band April 16. 14.00.

Walpurgis Night
When spring feelings flowing celebrated Walpurgis Night at Skansen with traditions dating back to 1894. Walpurgis Night offers a varied content with start at 15.00 with the program “Sjung om studenten!” on Solliden stage that lasts until 16:15. Then takes the evening program “Sköna Maj välkommen!over at 20.00 with speeches to the spring, singing and music. 21:00 lit the Walpurgis Nights fire at Solliden plan.

Circus Skansen
Young artists performes circus acts at the highest level with acrobatics, juggling and magic. A great show for all the children of circus dreams. Performances in the Brage Hall every Sunday until April 23 at 12:00 and 14:00. Ticket kids 30 – adult 50: –

Open circus school
Learn how to balance on the ball, walk on tightrope, juggling with balls, skate with hula hoop and climb in fabric mm. Open circus school in Brage Hall takes place every Saturday until April 22 at 11:00 to 16:00

Take the opportunity to see!
There are workshops that are rarely open. Take the opportunity to see how it is done in the open in April.
1 to 2 April Gravörverkstaden
1-2, 20, 29 to 30 April Boktryckeriet
1-2 April 20 Bokbinderiet
8-9 to 20 April Skomakeriet
8-9 and 25 April Sadelmakeriet
15-16 and 25 April Apoteket Kronan
15 to 16 April Guld- och silversmedjan
15-16, 22 to 23 April Smedjan
20 April Boktryckarbostaden
20, 29 to 30 April Tapetserarverkstad
22-23 and 25 April Silverpressen
25 April Koppar- bleck- & plåtslageriet

Opening with food, refreshments and shops
All day: Flickorna Helin in Skåne mine, Krogen Stora Gungan, Restoration Gubbhyllan, Skansen terrace, Café Petissan, Pavilion Matsäcken, Skansen shop in the Main entrance and Lill-Skansen
Weekends: Café Nyloftet Friday – Sunday

Children’s own zoo is open from 10:00 to 16:00 in April.

Riding tours
Pony riding starts from Bredablick and runs weekdays from 13:00 to 14:00 and at 12:00 to 15:00 during weekends and school holidays. 50: –

Talk and food
All days: Feeding the patch owls at 13:00 to 13:10
Grey seals in the upper sea-calf basin get Baltic herring at 14:00 to 14:10
Weekends: Talk about the reindeer in English at 12:30 to 12:40
Talk about the white-backed woodpecker at 12:45 to 12:55
Talk about the wolf and wolverine at 13:30 to 13:40
Talk about the elk in English at 14:30 to 14:40
Farm tour to the animals at Skånegården 14:30 to 15:00

Courses, evenings and lectures
Band Weaving, Continuation Course April 2nd
This course is for those who want to learn to weave ties with drawn pattern. Course leader Ingbritt Darlin from Skansen dressing room going through the different tools, calculations, warping and set. All participants can access a ribbon loom.

Create your own apple tree April 5
Gardeners Andreas Hellstrom goes through the apple’s history, basic knowledge of tree biology, basics of fruit growing and why you need to graft the apple tree and the first years of cropping. The student gets to graft their own trees, which they then take home with them.

Maintenance pruning April 8
Gardeners Andreas Hellstrom teaches maintenance pruning of apple trees, and goes through the tools, techniques and timing of pruning.

Renovation of lying timber April 22
Carpenter Roger Tjernström from Skansen lead the course with carpentry history, tradition-borne timber handling and timber house construction. The participants tries at blocking with ax, cutting of long draw and the most common restorations.

Flowers for all occasions April 23
Wood carver Karin Lindström Kolterud teaches how to produce beautiful flowers in tissue paper. The technology and the use of paper flowers dates back to the 1600s. The flowers was used in all of life’s celebrations and usage peaked in the 1800s when the second half of the paper industry evolved radically. Broads in peasant weddings adorned with flowers in their hair, but also on their bridal robe. Paper flowers adorned even the Christmas tree at Christmas and at Easter rice.

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