The world’s first event for VR training is set up in Sweden

By on July 21, 2017

Traditionally, in December, the big Fitness Festival will take place at the Stockholm Fair in Älvsjö. This year’s edition is the 17th in the row. New for this year is Future Fitness Lab, an area of 500 square meters dedicated to training in VR. Future Fitness Lab is aimed at technology and training enthusiasts who want to try the latest in physical activity. The event is organized to inspire how modern technology can take our training and health to new levels.

– We have always tried to be at the forefront of digital development, and then it is natural that we now focus on the newest of all, namely training in VR, says Ove Rytter, organizer of the Fitness Festival.

– Visitors will try a lot of news. We showcase VR-based training experiences that are suitable for home use, but also experiences that require custom-made machines, which we think will be in the most advanced gymnasium shortly, says Johanna Gustafsson, VR manager at Great Clarity, and Future Fitness Lab project manager.

VR training means wearing a VR headset and experiencing a different reality. It may be a connected spinning bike or rowing machine that takes the one who trains to a competition race in the desert or Antarctica.

– With VR, home exercises without machines will be far more engaging. For example, you can train through an obstacle course where you easily make bones without even reflecting that you are exercising. Everything feels very realistic when you’re wearing your headset. You feel that you are in the experience in a completely different way than with just a flat screen in front of you on the wall, says Johanna Gustafsson.

The goal of Future Fitness Lab is to raise interest in VR training for both training-minded and technology-intensive. VR training has the focus of enhancing the experience of training and taking the practitioner to unimagined heights and places.

The fitness festival will take place on 1-3 December 2017 at the Stockholm Fair.

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