The world culture museums in Stockholm launch spring program

By on January 25, 2018
Carl Thorborg

The Ethnographic Museum, the Mediterranean Museum and the East Asian Museum present the spring program with guided tours, courses and workshops, film shows and music events. The entire program is available here>>

The Spring Program of the East Asian Museum, the Ethnographic Museum and the Mediterranean Museum contains both recurring favorites and news.

Among the news is a workshop on how to work with paper designs presented by fashion designer Bea Szenfeldt, among others creator of Alice Bah Kunke’s unique dress at the Nobel Peace Festival in December, participating in the East Asian Museum’s forthcoming exhibition Paper stories. Behind the headlines is a new conversation series about what conceals behind news reporting and New Technology in the Cultural World with guest lectures and lectures on new technologies in the creation process and for a new audience, as well as about augmented reality in the museum world.

For the handy offeres courses in Mokuhanga, Japanese woodcut techniques, Ikebana, Traditional Japanese floral arrangements, Japanese package wrapping, Origami, Japanese paper folding art with millennial tradition and Chinese Indian ink paintings and calligraphy.

For food and beverage enthusiasts awaiting testing of ouzo, raki and arrak from Greece, Turkey and Lebanon, sake from Japan, tea from India, China and Japan and Umeshu, Japanese fruit wine.

For music and film enthusiasts, the artist Nino Ramsby performs and during the spring there is also a Haikubattle with DJ during Japanarty.

Linked to the exhibition Stories from Syria, the film The Crossing takes us on the escape from the war in Syria, one of the most dangerous trips we can do in spring and during the spring we will also be able to share personal stories about the escape to Sweden and learn about contemporary art in Syria.

In conjunction with the dialogue exhibition Africa is in progress, a venue for meetings between the audience and museum collections from Africa presents workshops, lectures and artistic expressions. Among other things, a workshop with the furniture designer Yinka Ilori is presented, the design of which is based on stories, tales, colors and materials taken from London and Nigeria.

An evening about-series will continue in a new era, featuring DJ Sarah Al Miniawy, mixing music from the Middle East alternative music scene, the bar is open for food and drink, and it is offered on shows and happenings by the evening theme.

During the spring, traditional Chinese New Year is celebrated at the East Asian Museum and Losar, Tibetan New Year at the Ethnographic Museum.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm