The winners of STOCKmotion Film Festival 2016

By on October 4, 2016

This year’s edition of STOCKmotion is over and it’s been three days filled with movie, party, interesting seminars and exciting encounters. On Saturday night, the festival ended with an award ceremony where several lucky filmmakers receiving awards for their works.

The winners of STOCKmotion Film Festival 2016 is:


Best Film: The body is a lonely place, Ida Lindgren
Jury statement: The film hits right in the stomach. From the first frame am I sucked into a well combination of sound, image, words and movement that with its simplicity and its distinct choices penetrates into the skin and does not leave you unmoved for a moment.

Honorable Mention: Forgotten reason, Peter Larsson

Best Cinematography: The body is a lonely place, Ida Lindgren

Best Screenplay: The body is a lonely place, My Roman Fagerlind

Best Sound: Space Rabbit, Agnieszka Lewalski

Best original music: Forgotten reason, Isak Sundström

Best cut: Audition, Loviisa Siren

Best Actor: Peter Gardiner, Audition


Best Film: Brothers in the midnight sun, Lars Vega
Jury statement: The film manages to touch and hit us right in the heart. The film portrayed beautifully with minimalist means and the strong history contains a lot of heat over moderate surface. All elements interact flawlessly without having to remove or add something. The director manages to create a timeless experience that remains.

Best Cinematography: Mr. Sugar Daddy, Nils Croné

Best Screenplay: Free activity, Lina Berger

Best sound: Ozone Fever, August Florén and Joel Stenbäck

Best original music: Ozone Fever, Erik “Pest Bird” Johansson

Best cut: Gay enough, Hawa Sanneh and Anna Fundin

Best Actor: To your girlfriend, Hanna Carlsson and Mikael Bundsen.

Honorable Mention: Do not come to Europe, Pontus Joneström, Minna Lundberg and Hanna Pousette


Best Film: Behind the lords gate, Linnea Akerman
Jury statement: A consummate movie where all the cinematic elements blend together and tells a funny and surprising history. The film portrays the playful to the sacral and combines tranquility with humor. A good basic idea realized here with great attention to every detail.

Best Cinematography: Behind the lords gate, Caroline Jungefalk and Fanny Malmström

Best Screenplay: Beloved grandfather, Linnea Åkerman

Best sound: Beloved grandfather, Erika Edwindsson, Axelina Eriksson and Fanny Malmström

Best original music: Convergence, Sebastian Maxe

Best cut: Behind the lords gate, Caroline Jungefalk and Fanny Malmström

Best Actor: Play hard, Sofia Karemyr


Best Film: Night Bees, Joanna Karlberg
Jury statement: The prize for best film goes to a short film that portrays a complex reality for many and gives the audience an honest insight into this reality. The film invites us to man’s deep darkness where patriarchy in symbiosis including racism create a hopeless situation for many sex workers.

Best Screenplay: Psyche !, Moa Junström

Best Cinematography: I did not know that was life, Åsa Båve and David H. Berggren

Best Sound: Old cans, bottles and grannies, Moa Hamner

Best cut: Psyche !, Moa Junström

Honorable Mention: The visit, Angela Bravo


Best Film: To your girlfriend, Jo Widerberg
Jury statement: With a close proximity, authenticity and flair in the regin, we see great potential in this director. The director shows courage by allowing the actors to be and let the game speak for itself without breaking up the film with clips. An exciting relationship built up between the two young people in a tentative dialogue on the body and love. We look forward to following this filmmaker’s future career.

Best cut: Psyche !, Moa Junström
Jury statement: With a clear idea and a brave story describes a young person’s interior. The clips complements the dry and honest disclosure voiceovern, which allowed us to become part of the psyche! and its inmates. As spectators we get through the main character’s gaze occasionally put the laughter in the throat. The clips are boldly unconventional and carving out a poetic but also humorous story in a serious and difficult condition in a person’s life.


Best Film: Baboon jungle, Richard Bjurström
Jury statement: The film welcomes us into an imaginative world where music interacts with animation in a very nice way to create an atmosphere that makes it easy for the viewer to dive into the action. The story offers a fun, playful and creative details. All this is done by the festival’s youngest filmmakers, we will surely see more of!

Honorable Mention: The invisible friend, Maja Thambert, Lisa Thambert and Bella Prtic


Best Film: Bollhat, Dilan Öngörur, Andreas Fernandez, Isabella Claesson, Victoria Holgersson
Jury statement: The award goes to a film that endowed with technical skills using the visual storytelling opportunities. The film succeeds through the protagonist’s everyday dilemma capture something specific personal while lifting it into something more universal that we can all understand and recognize ourselves in. Combine this with a subtle twisted humor and a well-played main role so has the filmmakers got the jury on the fall.

Honorable Mention: A clown’s happiness, Mikaela Stenström
The jury’s motivation: A story that shows that you do not need to see the world in black or white, which is thoughtful and which gives hope. Without dialogue, the film manages to convey a clear sense, pictorial narrative is well thought out and technically well made.
FILM CENTRE PRIZE: Do not come to Europe, Pontus Juneström, Minna Lundberg and Hanna Pousette

PEOPLE’S BIO PRICE: Male animals, Stina Persson Helleday, Sandra Isacsson


INDEPENDENT STUDIOS PRIZE: The birthday gift, Tobias Ryden Sjöstrand
Motivation: A tight chamber play with the same high voltage as a thriller. The images sucks us into a cosmos rich in emotions where the acting is of the highest quality. The audience feels the desperation of the boundless father, mixed with his son’s fear of the unknown in a single tangled skein that eventually dissolves nicely by an anonymous meeting.

AUDIENCE PRICE: Free activity, Lina Berger

BEST MOTIVATION: Aleksandra Sikora (about Free activity). “This film has given me a warm feeling in my stomach as if I just drank hot chocolate. Now I want to go and have a glass of white wine, for apparently it is not so easy to be a girl nowadays.
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