The vegan saffron bun is here

By on November 12, 2017

How does a saffron bun taste without butter, eggs and milk? The Crafts Bakery Bröd & Salt in Stockholm has developed a vegan saffron bun which will be released Monday 13 November.

Bröd & Salt was also quick to produce a vegan cinnamon bun earlier this year. There was a strong demand for vegan products, and the company’s ambition is to offer premium products for everyone, whether lifestyle or allergy.

The vegan cinnamon bun comes before Christmas to be saffron bun and they are satisfied with the result on the bakery.

– We have had some tasting and now it’s perfect. It looks like a regular saffron bun except that it’s coconut on top instead of pearl sugar, and it has as clear a taste of saffron as the classic, tells Kirles Barsoum, baker manager on Bröd & Salt.

In the organization Animal Rights they are happy about the news.

– It’s great that Bröd & Salt produces a vegan version of such a classic as the saffron bun. The vegan bun is perfect both for vegos and for milk allergies. It will be a good Christmas for all, says Francesca Vilches, responsibility for Consumer Affairs at Animal Rights.

The vegan saffron bun is available in Bröd & Salt’s stores as of Monday 13 November, the bun will cost 37 kronor just like the classic saffron bun.

Helena Olofsson, Food & Beverage | Stockholm