The spring theater repertoire

By on October 28, 2016

Fotograf: Carl Thorborg

The spring theater repertoires include both new interpretations of classics, several world premieres and on the main stage, one of the truly great Swedish storiesStrindbergs Hemsöborna. Here meets Ann Petrén as Madame River and Claes Malmberg as vermlander Carlsson in the story of the life of a fictional Swedish archipelago. Director Stefan Metz, premiered 17 March.

As a red thread in this spring‘s repertoire runs a focus on relationships – especially generational conflicts and all kinds of family relationships.

The family is the place for all the drama, especially when it collides with the body of society, says Anna Takanen, theater and performing arts director at the Culture City Theatre.

Many sets in spring reflect all the conflicts that can fit within a family, which needs liberation, proximity and unfulfilled desires. If you are lucky can a theater performance be pure therapy.

The praised musical Fun Home – by Alison Bechdels acclaimed graphic novel about how she comes out as a lesbian and discovers that her father is secretly gay. It gets its European premiere April 1, directed by Carolina Frände. Fun Home has won five Tony Awards including Best Musical.

Also in the long-awaited musical Billy Elliot with music by Elton John, spring’s first premiere on the main stage (10 February), the family‘s playground to dream up in a society that pushes down. In the role of the father, we see Leif Andrée and dance teacher made by Sara Jangfeldt. In the role of Billy Elliot alternates Jacob Hermansson, David Fridholm and Carl Sjögren.

Director Anna Pettersson continues its work to deconstruct and unearthing the painful point in the classics – this time Federico García Lorca’s Bernarda (Alba) house. Premiere March 10.

Frida Röhl sets Stupid fucking gull, a modern version of Anton Chekhov’s The Seagull, translated by Bengt Ohlsson (premiere January 27). In the role of Con (Constantine), we see Nils Poletti makes its debut here.

Nora Nilsson makes a dramatization of Ebba Witt-Brattström‘s Century love war (premiered on March 3). Starring among others Cecilia Nilsson with this comes back to the City Theatre for several years in other theaters.

Anna Petterson, Frida Röhl and Nora Nilsson belongs to the group of new directors who will return with more sets at the Culture City Theatre in the coming years.

I want to work with a repertoire that allows women to take up more space in the theater. The dynamics is important to give space to a new generation of artists, says Anna Takanen.

The director and assistant theater manager Dritëro Kasapi make Bank director Borkmana contemporary interpretation of Henrik Ibsen’s classic John Gabriel Borkman. Starring Peter Andersson (title role), Chatarina Larsson Kajsa Ernst and Helena af Sandberg to name a few. Premiere February 3rd.

This spring’s last premiere (28 April) is a newly written drama about civil courageAbducted at midnight. About an authentic destiny in Germany during Hitler’s first spring at power. Director Philip Zandén and Gunilla Röör, Bahador Foladi, Allan Svensson, Niklas Falk, Pablo Leiva Wenger and Alexander Salzberger in the roles.

In spring Anna Takanen continues to hold its estimated call on the art of acting, “Anna’s Corner”, which takes its starting point in the repertoire.

I am proud of this spring’s repertoire. We will be a folk theater for the whole city, which is the present and have your ear to the ground. We manage a tradition but will also take the theater a few steps further and portray the eternal question of what it means to be human, says Anna Takanen.

Ticket release for spring theater‘s Tuesday 8 November.

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