By on September 23, 2017
Petter Löfstedt

The acclaimed author Édouard Louis’s autobiographical debut novel becomes a play on a Swedish scene for the first time. In Finishing Off Eddy Bellegueule, Louis describes his growth in a poor factory city in northern France where violence, homophobia and racism are constantly present. The new Swedish dramatization is made by Lucia Cajchanova, Per Öhagen debut as a director and the role as Eddy is played by Björn Elgerd. Finishing Off Eddy Bellegueule has its first performance on September 28th.

Eddy discovers early that he is not like other boys. Or as boys in the village are expected to be. Hard. All he dreams about is to belong. To be the tough everyone wants him to be.

For the director, Per Öhagen, it became a strong experience to read Edouard Louis’s novel. He suddenly saw his own life with a new look. Louis’s way of describing society from a structural perspective, lifting the glance from an individual level to the context a person lives in became an aha experience.

– For me, this performance is about how one is constantly being constructed by others during the upbringing. Family, teacher, friends. It is also about the need to belong to a community. And when it is not possible finally fly to be able to construct themselves. It’s about violence in a strong patriarchal environment and the violence directed against those who do not fit into the norm, says director Per Öhagen.

Édouard Louis, who was only 21 years old when he wrote the book, is seen as one of the youngest French generation’s most interesting and innovative writers. His debut novel Finishing Off Eddy Bellegueule got a huge impact and great attention in both France and Sweden.

First performance: September 28, 2017
Scene: Kulturhuset Stadsteaterns children’s and youth scene in Skärholmen
From: 16 years

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Skärholmen