The pharmacy opens the Pop Up store without products

By on October 3, 2017

During week 40, the pharmacy puts up a popup store at the Central Station in Stockholm without any products or drugs to visualize how e-commerce, digital services and counseling can facilitate all pharmacy issues. In the Popup Store there are experts who show you how to shop and get advice on medicines and health via and the new app Mitt Apotek.

Yesterday during a week opened the pharmacy a popup store in the grand arrivals hall on Centralen in Stockholm. The popup store will visualize and the app Mitt Apotek where you can shop, but also have access to the same advice and services as at a pharmacy. Just as in the pharmacy, there are experts with solid knowledge that meet the customer with personal advice.

– We want to facilitate and meet the needs of our customers and see that more and more customers choose to trade medicines and other health products on the web and in our app. Availability on customer terms is important. You should easily and smooth be able to turn to us by simply picking up the phone. The popup illuminates the smart and professional services we offer digitally and show what opportunities are available, says Eric Lundberg, Marketing Director at The pharmacy.

In the Popup, the pharmacy will have experts in place. Visitors will be able to discover the pharmacy’s app Mitt Apotek, make tests via digital screens, and meet the pharmacy’s advisors and partners. The pharmacy’s employees also help with the installation and demonstration of the app and its features during the week.

The app Mina Recept renames to Mitt Apotek

From October, the pharmacy app changes its name to Mitt Apotek. In the app, you can manage your prescription drugs just as before, but now also access the entire range of pharmacy products and shop with your customer club points. The app also has a 24-hour chat with a pharmacist who can answer your questions about drug and pharmacy-related issues.

The pharmacy’s Popup store will be open between 2 October and 6 October at. 9:00 to 18:00.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm