The Nutcracker – 300 performances with imaginative Christmas atmosphere

By on December 5, 2018
Markus Gårder

Pär Isberg’s choreography from 1995, including Christmas scenes taken from Elsa Beskow’s fairy tales, is back after a break last year and is now given for the 300th time. New premiere at the Royal Opera today.

The Royal Ballet’s set of the Nutcracker is a magnificent ballet by Pär Isberg for the Royal Ballet after E. T. A. Hoffmann’s story and Elsa Beskow’s well-known fairy tale Petters and Lottas Christmas. And to the tones of Pjotr ​​Tchaikovsky’s captivating music.

For Pär Isberg, it was a dream that became reality – just like in the enchanted world of fantasy. A world where snowflakes can dance as well. In this interpretation of the traditional Christmas story there is a constant shift between dream and reality, good and evil, humor and seriousness. This Swedish Nutcracker has also been heard in connection with guest playes abroad and has also become a tradition in Estonian Tartu.

In addition to Pär Isberg, who also stands for the librettot together with Erik Näslund, the artistic team consists of Bo-Ruben Hedwall (scenography), Ann-Mari Anttila (costume) and Torkel Blomkvist (light). New conductor is Jakob Hultberg.

The ballet has been awarded the Birgit Cullberg Prize and has been sent in SVT several times. On January 12, 2019, the performance will be played for the 300th time. Over 300,000 visitors will have seen it.

The Royal Ballet’s 68 dancers, the 65th musician of the Royal Hovkapell, one conductor, 20 stage workers, over 20 students from the Royal Swedish Ballet School and two poodles together make every effort to be a magical experience.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm