The Merry Widow as culture political satire

By on January 16, 2017

In a hilarious operetta in three pace, free after the original, we see Henrik Dorsin as an opera director and opera singer Elin Rombo as “The Merry Widow”. Director Ole Anders Tandberg has together with Dorsin created a widow for our time. All sing in Swedish! Premiered at the Royal Opera January 21 at 19:00.

Franz Lehárs most famous works has been a crowd favorite since its premiere in 1905 and includes well-known music Want song, When I go to Maxim and Widow waltz.

Henrik Dorsin has himself processed the text freely after the original libretto. He has retained the characters and the basic story, but the plot moved from Paris to Stockholm today.

Because I perceived a certain ambivalence towards the art form, I have introduced an ambivalence between fine -and ugly culture in the action itself,” says Henrik Dorsin.

Elin Rombos Hanna Glawari has become a widow for our time and Danilo Danilowitsch, as portrayed by Jeremy Carpenter, a culture man who takes himself and his art very seriously.

Another participant is among others Marianne Hellgren Staykov as Veronica, Klas Hedlund‘s Leif “The fishHermansson and Miriam Treichl portrays Catharina Njegus, as well as the Royal Opera Chorus and the Royal Opera Orchestra under the direction of Joakim Unander alternating with Fredrik Burstedt.

Director Ole Anders Tandberg looks The Merry Widow is a “rom com” – a romantic comedy about two people who seem to hate each other but in fact they love each other: “Personally, I see myself as existentialist … and maybe there is not any deeper meaning in life than meeting with another human being, and the ability to be present in it.”

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