The meeting with the Nile – photo exhibition opens 21 September

By on September 1, 2017
Göran Schildt

“Egypt is like another planet with different air, sun, soil, water, inhabitants and thought courses than ours …”

It wrote the Finnish author Göran Schildt in the spring of 1955, just returned from a four month long seal on the Nile. Schildt had done several long journeys with his boat Daphne, but the journey up to the Nile was the longest and most adventurous. It took place in an uncertain time, just a couple of years after the king of Egypt had been overthrown in a state coup and the power was taken over by Colonel Gamal Abd el Nasser.

Göran Schildt was a skilled photographer. The exhibition shows a selection of the pictures he took during the journey up to the Nile winter 1954-55. The exhibition is organized in collaboration with Christine and Göran Schildt Foundation in Finland in the framework of the memorial year Göran Schildt 100 years.

Welcome to the opening of the exhibition “The meeting with the Nile” with photographs by Göran Schildt. It offers Egyptian refreshments and snacks.
Free entrance – all welcome!

When: September 21, 2017. At 17 pm, intendent Sofia Häggman tells about the exhibition.
Where: The lounge of the Mediterranean mansion, upstairs.

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