The glitter pirates in Diskopunk have released “I Love You”

By on October 9, 2017

Last Friday, the self-proclaimed supersassy glitter pirates in Diskopunk released the single “I Love You”. With their merciless disco and live act, they have made a real impression on the scene and got the disco ball in roll – the songs “Antonio America” and “Fire” already have millions of streams. Diskopunk will also be opening act to Mando Diao during their autumn tour in Sweden, starting in Karlstad on 20/10.

The band describes its sound as an ABBA on decis: grandiosa and chord-driven pop songs inflated with post-punk elements such as wonderfully distracted syntheses, guitar riffs and a lot of percussion. When the polished disco aesthetics meet the dark and dirty, you get into the gap between two worlds – or in the best of worlds. Thus they describe the single:

The single is a little hasty love declaration, type. You know when you want to write a true serenade to anyone, but then everything must go to hell before it’s ready and you’ll be there with the worst hit and ba jahapp 🙁

Listen to “I Love You” here>>

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music