The collective won the grand prize at the STOCKmotion film festival – here are all winners

By on October 13, 2019

2019 edition of STOCKmotion film festival is over and we look back on two days of world-class short films, interesting seminars and exciting meetings. STOCKmotion’s grand prize was awarded to the Collective by Nadja Hjorton and Siri Hjorton Wagner.

STOCKmotion Film Festival is a short film festival that allows Stockholm-based filmmakers of all ages to contribute in different age categories – from age 6 to adult professional filmmakers.

A total of 72 films were shown during STOCKmotion’s two days, and the winning films share a prize pool totaling SEK 800,000.

The winners of the STOCKmotion film festival 2019. Photo: Ali Quraishi.

Here are all the winners of the STOCKmotion film festival 2018:

Here the winners of the categories 27+, Heavyweight, Midweight and Dokhopp compete.

Best Film: The Collective.
Directed by Nadja Hjorton and Siri Hjorton Wagner.

Motivation of the jury:
For a multi-level movie, exciting shifts and scenes that linger on the retina. With a high recognition factor, it launches sharp satirical and then develops into a reconciling and warmly humorous story of community and collaboration, which culminates in the seemingly simple fact that it can sometimes be a way to pull off the carpet for all expected conflicts and just dance.



Best movie: Sorry not sorry.
Directed by Julia Thelin.

Motivation of the jury:
The award goes to an all-encompassing overall experience and a vision of its own. A symbol-saturated film with several bottoms, where all parts pull in the same direction and where the almost hilarious drastic meets an abyssal depth.


Heavyweight (20-26 years)

Best movie: Nobody listens.
Directed by Elin Övergaard.

Motivation of the jury:
For a rigid balancing act on the slack line where a cacophony of voices and perspectives against all odds and without simplification manages to become a clear statement on burning issues in our difficult-navigating contemporary world.


Medium weight (16-19 years)

Best movie: People.
Directed by: Adam Onishi.

Motivation of the jury:
For a movie that with simple means lifts everyday comics in a surreal spirit. This movie dares to tell a whole story with few image compositions.



Best movie: Motion against headscarf.
Directed by: Hanna Hannerz Simå.

Motivation of the jury:
For a film that confidently invites conversation and reflection, a wide variety of voices can be heard and at the same time shows the absurdity of everyday politics.


WR / 360

Best movie: 24 in EBC.
Directed by: Manne Söderlund and Oliver Akermo.

Motivation of the jury:
With a lovely rhythm and a visually striking photo, the film manages to provide a unique insight into how the mindset of climbers progresses towards the world’s top. The accuracy of the story makes it possible, even after the film is over, to continue to reflect on the challenges that will come for the climbers to follow. A very well-produced VR movie that reaches one in depth!


Honorable Mention: Hot Dog Love by Linus Bylin.


Female Film Workers of the Year

Winner: Disa Östrand for Dani.

Motivation of the jury:
The award for this year’s female film worker goes to a director who, with the woman’s perspective, with a close and finger-sensitive story has created a film about a time in one’s life where we are extra sensitive and vulnerable. This time is rarely portrayed on film and it is really time for stories like this to be portrayed. Therefore, it is with pleasure that we want to award the award to Disa Östrand.


Female sound designer of the year

Winner: Kimberlie Salomon Johnson for What We Leave Behind.

Motivation of the jury:
The award for this year’s female sound designer goes to a person who has a clear vision with their design, who has been right in their choices and who has succeeded in connecting contemporary images to sounds from the past in a very skilful way. In the end, an audio designer’s primary task is to give the film an extra dimension, and this winner succeeds in perfection.


Film Center Price

Winner: Good tone by Ismaila Jallow and Anneli Ström-Villaseca.

Motivation of the jury:
The Film Center’s distribution price goes to a hit-and-go, urgent and well-disposed film. A thought-provoking story that cleverly illustrates how important it is for us to listen to each other, for real. And that it is not always the one we expect that has the most important thing to say. Whatever – think of the tone!



Lightweight 1: 6-12 years. Lightweight 2: 13-15 years.

Best movie, Lightweight 1: The Paper War.
Filmmaker: Filip Nyström.

Honorable mention, Lightweight 1: Don’t do this if you’re in this situation.
Filmmaker: Johanna Jonsson.

Best movie, Lightweight 2: Envy.
Filmmakers: Rayan Ibrahim, Gloria Kinyanjui, Haddy Gassama, Poul Shamouan, Rohey Njic.

Honorable mention, Lightweight 2: The Wind.
Filmmakers: Dhay Al-Waeli, Josefine Triland, Amanda Åberg, Ariya Kongkam.


Best sound

Middleweight: Ebba Krafft, Nora Svedman for Real Life (Press Play).

Heavyweight: Jonathan Dakers for No One Listens.

27+: Jan Alvermark for Near Mont Saint-Michel.


Best clip

Middleweight: Nora Svedman for Real Life (Press Play).

Heavyweight: Moa Ström for Home Services.

27+: Jakob Åsell for Miss Inga Issues.


Best script

Middleweight: Sandra Lööf for SEK 500.

Heavyweight: Elin Övergaard and Manne Indahl for Nobody listens.

27 +: Anette Pages for Fuck you.


Best original music

Middleweight: Jacky Coh for Classical Thief.

Heavyweight: Robin Johansson for No Heroes.

27 +: Cicely Irvine for Reconstruction of rented summer cottage.


Best actor

Middleweight: Johanna Hintze and Ella Löfmark for Station Farsta Castle.

Heavyweight: Axel Petersén and Christer Levin for Home Services.

27+: Gizem Erdogan for Sorry not sorry.


Best photo

Middleweight: Betty Fjälström, Saga Ahndoril and Kristina Ennerfelt for Thoughts on my mind.

Heavyweight: Zoë Que for Home Services.

27 +: Erik Vallsten and Edvard Stokstad for Near Mont Saint-Michel.

Film | The collective won the grand prize at the STOCKmotion film festival – here are all winners

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