The Bookboat throws loose

By on April 20, 2017

When it’s time for the Bookboat to go to sea, we know that spring is underway, regardless of what the thermometer shows. On April 24-28, the floating library makes stop’s in the entire archipelago of Stockholm. But it’s not just the Bookboat that’s moving around, but all our mobile libraries are blossoming a little bit more now when the heat is approaching. Follow us on social media week 17 to see how they work.

That the library goes to sea is a far-reaching tradition dating back to 1953. The bookboat goes out to the archipelago twice a year with about 3000 books and offers the country’s most generous loan times: as archipelago you can keep the books you borrow until the bookboat returns in the fall. That spring is approaching is also noticeable in our other mobile libraries. In addition to floating library activities, Stockholm’s city library also has several library on wheels that roll out throughout Stockholm.

The book is coming is a free service for long-term sick people or people with
function variations which themselves can not come to the library.

The children’s book bus visits preschools in all of Stockholm’s outer areas, which are difficult to get to a regular library. The book bus currently has about 100 stops and offers the most of what a regular library offers in the form of books, experienced children’s libraries and program activities.

The pop up library shows up everywhere in Stockholm. During the last year, they poped up in bath houses, parks, beaches, workplaces and festivals.

Follow us on social media during week 17 to see how the mobile libraries work! We are at @ssbnu on Twitter and on Instagram, or under the hashtag # detvårasförbibblan

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