The Body Shop gets top ranking

By on December 16, 2016

The Body Shop get top ranking as a sustainable brand in Sweden

It shows a new study by Tony Apéria, researchers in corporate branding, Stockholm Business School, University of Stockholm.

It is not so long ago that The Body Shop included a new and revalued commitment to the environment, entitled “Enrich, Note Exploit – it’s in our hands” and just 10 months later stands The Body Shop on the podium as one of the Swedes favorites when it comes to sustainability.

The results of the study show that The Body Shop is one of the major players when it comes til sustainability. The Swedes give consistently higher ratings in terms of the sustainability of local and national companies rather than international. Therefore, it is an even greater honor to the Body Shop, as an international company, runs away with second place.

The Body Shop positions itself at the top also in this year’s study of sustainable companies. We see an improvement in the company’s sustainability index, 71-73 (on a scale of 0-100) compared to 2015.

The Body Shop’s strengths are found in three of the four dimensions of sustainability: environment and climate, society and ethics and in the long-term perspective. The Swedish public sees in The Body Shop a business that “speaks with one clear voice on sustainability and moreover perceived as honest and genuine“. Two of the most important communication dimension, says Tony Apéria.

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