The acclaimed 1987 returns with new single “America”

By on April 2, 2017

Victor Holmberg, who is the person behind the stage name 1987, did three years ago a mark on the Swedish music scene with his dreamy soul / R & B / pop and omissions lyrics in Swedish. Now he’s back with the new single “America”.

1987‘s debut singles “Bomb” “Ocean” and “Michelle” was widely reported in the Swedish media, and was mentioned by international blogs and magazines. Spotify appointed him Spotlight Artist 2015 and he was booked to some of the biggest festivals, including Way Out West and Popaganda.

The self-written and self-produced debut album Härskarkonst containing 10 songs was released in April 2015, and Victor has since been in the studio to produce new music. First up is the single “America” is a brilliant and catchy pop song written by Victor, Henrik Jonzon and Adam Oleniius from Shout Out Louds, and produced by Birk Storm, who previously worked with, among others Death Team.

Victor has created music since childhood and he has made himself known in music circles through the project Montauk. It was in early 2011 that Victor started experimenting with singing in Swedish, which resulted in that the song became very personal. He lives since some years back in London and writes all his music there.

Listen to “Amerika” here >>

“One of the 2015 big star – on Spotify” – Expressen Entertainment
“1987, the Swedish artist that we hope to release more songs soon” –
ELLE 2015

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