Technical Museum invests heavily in accessibility

By on March 30, 2017

Technical Museum continues its commitment to accessibility. On 29 March started Megamind functionary – additional available Wednesdays, where the museum’s science center is staffed with more teachers and the limited number of visitors to create a more peaceful and safer environment for people with special needs.

Only 48 percent of all people with disabilities take part in cultural activities and entertainment. It shows a survey by the Agency for participation. Therefore, continues the Technical Museum to large investment on accessibility for all.

MegaMind Funkis is a new opportunity for school groups with different functional variations to visit Technical museum’s science center. One Wednesday each month we hold additional open so that students in peace and quiet will be able to explore and discover how good ideas become.

During one morning limited the number of visitors in the science center, and several teachers than usual are available on site. Technical museum has also hired an extra teacher with a background in special education to be responsible for the overall accessibility of the museum.

Technical Museum science center MegaMind has received much attention for the availability of both the physical as well as cognitive function variations. With an ambitious co-creation where both children and adults with varying conditions involved in everything from idea creation to education, architecture and design. The complete interactive exhibition has received numerous awards and been nominated for both the St Julian Prize and the year’s teaching prize for accessibility work.

MegaMind has both managed to get more people to feel welcome, but also influenced how other cultural operators work with accessibility, writes Ramboll, recently conducted an analysis commissioned by the National Post and Telecom Agency, together with the Swedish Inheritance Fund supports accessibility work in MegaMind.

Opening hours, MegaMind Funkis

The first opportunity for MegaMind Funkis was 29 March at 9-11 and then continue with a Wednesday of each month. During these times must all visits to the MegaMind be booked in advance.

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