Tak serves its own sake from Kobe

By on March 24, 2017

Tak is a new Nordic-Japanese restaurant that also includes a bar, a raw bar and a terrace during the summer months. The restaurant is located at the top of Brunkebergstorg 4 in Stockholm with views over the city. The chef Frida Rongeis culinary leader on Tak, which opened on Thursday 23 March.

To select suppliers and products to the new restaurant Frida Ronge traveled to Japan in autumn 2016. One of the visits was at the Brewery Kobe Shu-Shin-Kan Fukuju in Kobe. There was tested several types of sake to find the ultimate in the style of Tak.

– I fell for Fukuju Ichi Kimoto Junmai Ginjo and it was elected directly to the house-sake on Tak, says Frida Ronge. Ichi means one in Japanese and now is our sake in Sweden to be served only at us.

Fukuju Ichi Kimoto Junmai Ginjo brewed by the oldest method of Sake in Japan called Kimoto. When brewing get natural lactic acid from brewer’s surroundings actuate the pre mash. It’s hard work because brewers must constantly stir the vessels for mixing the pre mash with the air in the brewery.

The quality of Fukuju Ichi Kimoto Junmai Ginjo is of top class with water from natural sources. The important rice consists of premium sort Yamadanishiki which polished down to 60 percent. It provides a sake with the perfect balance of ripe tropical fruits, creamy yogurt tones, a light minerality and an elegant acidity.

The label of the bottle is designed by Frida Ronge herself and consists of a roof and a closed golden circle. They symbolize the whole with which Frida want to convey to the team at Tak is strong and growing together. The thing is also served in the newly designed glass from Orrefors. Both glass and a sake flagon has been developed in a partnership between Frida Ronge and designer and glass artist Erika Lagerbielke.

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