TAK Opens An Exclusive Cocktail Bar With Japanese Influences

By on October 22, 2019
Katarina Giotas in the title role as Carmen. Photo: Mats Bäcker.

On November 15, TAK opens its doors to IMA. The new concept is an exclusive and niche cocktail bar that will be adjacent to the other rooftop bars at Brunkebergstorg 4. The beverage philosophy is based on a solid bartender craft, inspired by Japan.

– With IMA, we want to deepen our Japanese focus even more, where sake becomes a natural element. Guests can expect a wonderful bar experience with Stockholm’s most beautiful views, says Jens Dahlberg, bar manager at IMA.

IMA means living room in Japanese and is TAK’s latest venture. IMA is run by Jens Dahlberg, the bar manager who is also part owner of the well-reputed cocktail bar 20Hundra5. The new concept is described as cocktail serving rather than “bar hanging” when you book tables in advance and are served exclusive cocktails.

– People should come here for an experience rather than a quick beer. The drinks will be inspired by Japanese flavors and traditional beverages such as Sake, Umeshu and various Shoshu distillates as a base. You will enjoy an exciting tasting experience in one of Sweden’s, if not the Nordic’s, most stylish roof-top bars, says Jens Dahlberg.

Close cooperation with Japanese supplier

In order to succeed in its efforts and to anchor the Japanese in a clearer way, IMA has initiated a close collaboration with the supplier Akebono, which provides unusual and exclusive spirits and business varieties. The Swedes have long been interested in Asian cooking and with IMA the Japanese flavors become even more accessible.

– Interest in Asia and Asian flavors has increased very much in Sweden and has done so for a long time and we want to follow it. However, many are still unfamiliar with Japanese drinks, such as sake, which we with IMA want to change, says Jens Dahlberg.

For companies and larger parties who want to spend an evening together in a different environment, IMA is good to hire, and in addition to drinks, smaller dishes are also offered at the bar. If you fancy dinner, the bar staff will be able to take the guests to one of TAK’s restaurants. The TAK restaurant complex in central Stockholm opened in 2017 and is run by Nordic Hotels & Resorts. The food consists of locally produced Nordic ingredients that are prepared according to Japanese cooking techniques.

– The idea with IMA is that it should be like sitting in a cozy living room and being served cocktails out of the ordinary. We have a clear vision with this venture and hope that the guests will find it as exciting as we are, concludes TAK’s CEO Henrik Jakobsen.

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