Sweden’s biggest future hope has released a new single “No Vacancy”

By on March 23, 2018

In a year, 20-year-old Rhys went from talented but unknown, to over 40 million streams at Spotify and one of the Swedish music scenes biggest future hope. With the new single No Vacancy released a week ago, the journey continues on the path.

Listen to “No Vacancy” here>>

Rhys grew up in hippie-mecca Portland, Oregon, and moved to Sweden 10 years old. Two years ago, she was randomly recommended as a demo singer for star producer Jörgen Elofsson, who was so taken by Rhys that they wrote songs together since then.

Rhys so far short career must be described as incredible. Her single “Last Dance” was the most played Swedish song on the P3 last year and both the “Too Good To Be True” sequel and its high ranking on Spotify and the radio list. She was first nominated for the Future Artist on the P3 Guldgalan and has been honored for her live performances in, among other things, Way Out West and Storsjöyran. In spring / summer she will have several concerts, including the official gig at Gröna Lund, Queens of Pop and Peace & Love.

Rhys has released her first single for the year, “No Vacancy”, written by her and Jörgen Elofsson. It is, according to her, a perfect song for those who are angry with someone they dating and want to dance to forget.

Rhys says: “No Vacancy is about my current boyfriend .. Now everything is great, but he was a bit of a player when we started to see eachother, one can say. Parts of the text are direct quotes from him, so I think I should thank him for that – he gave me a good song! When I wrote it, we were already together and I said ‘Today I’ll write a song about you, it will be so nice!’ Then I came home and said, ‘Yes, I wrote a song about you, but it may not became so fine.'”

This spring, more singles from Rhys will come and if not for long the long-awaited debut album.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music