Sun Kil Moon to Sweden this fall!

By on May 28, 2017

November 20th – Södra Teatern, Stockholm

Sun Kil Moon is what the indie troubadour Mark Kozelek sometimes calls himself when he releases music. After the success with personal “Benji” a few years ago, Kozelek’s music has become even more introspective and self-reflective. This year’s three (!) releases has all been characterized by an intimacy and honesty rarely seen in music today, and Kozelek is always able to paint a bigger picture than expected with his often diary like everyday observations. The honesty that permeates his recorded music is put on its tip in a life context, when Kozelek never compromise on the intimate. Now we can announce that Sun Kil Moon returns to his dear Södra Teater in Stockholm for a gig on November 20th.

The tickets are out now!

Mark Kozelek began his musical course in the Red House Painters, which released a number of classic-labeled albums in the 90’s. Since the band’s split, he has been alternated releases under his own name with Sun Kil Moon, and in this way created a big and beloved song treasure. The album “Benji” from 2014 gave Kozelek a whole new audience and introduced his music – both old and new – for a new generation of fans. With the roots in the poetic “Benji”, Kozelek has continued to pump out music that both challenges and inviting at the same time – always with honesty in the first place. His live shows are usually as magical as unpredictable, and also consist of large doses of contemporary reflection and humor. Södra Teatern is a place where Kozelek tends to return to – so even in the fall.

Tickets can be bought here >>

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