Successful start of Stunlock Studios new game Battlerite

By on September 26, 2016

On Tuesday, September 20, Stunlock Studios released their long-awaited game Battlerite on Steam Early Access. Five minutes after the game release Battlerite topped the list of best-selling games in the world. – It’s incredibly fun with all the positive attention that the game has received in just three days. It feels like we get a reward for all the work we’ve done, says Rickard Frisegård, CEO of Stunlock Studios.

Hours after the games release on Tuesday had Battlerite 6700 contemporary players.

The response has been amazing. On Wednesday, it was 97%, ie 600 persons, which gave the game positive feedback. Meanwhile Battlerite top 5 most watched via Twitch, the largest channel for live streaming. It’s amazing, says Peter Ilves, vice president and Game Director at Stunlock Studios.

In the the time of writing, the 1196 positive reviews of a total of 1229 pieces and the maximum number of contemporary players have reached a full 7 845th.

Depth of characters

Game idea for Battlerite springs from Stunlocks first game Bloodline Champions.

The core of Battlerite is simple, you play a character who battles against other characters at a gladiator arena. The particularity of Battlerite is the characters, you as a player can choose different play forms depending on which character you are. It is this which gives depth and a high quality of the game, says Peter Ilves.

We have also worked a lot at how the game should be experienced, it also should be entertaining to watch via live streaming. It has been very fun to do Battlerite because we ourselves have been directing game development and make the game as we want. That there are so many who like Battlerite makes the course a little extra fun when it’s a game that is 100 percent us.

Team-esteem and skills

A key success factor for Stunlock Studios is according to Rickard Frisegård the community and expertise available at the company.

I am extremely impressed by my colleagues and the work that they have put into the project on Battlerite. Since I started as CEO at Stunlock for a little more than five years ago, we have together made a trip that may not have always been easy. When I think of the high level of our team delivered at all these years, and now evidence in the form of the response, I also understand that all that is left of the company currently has actively chosen it. We have expertise that seats on Google or NASA, but they have chosen to stay here with us. That realization I am very humble before and we hope everyone will soon dare rejoice in our success.