Subtopia celebrates the 250th anniversary of the circus

By on April 11, 2018

From riders making arts on galloping horses in a circular arena in London to hip hop collective mixed with circus. When the circus celebrates 250 years, it is with political ideals and brand new grips. With their latest project, Union Black, Far From the Norm creates a performance that addresses some of the most sore conflicts in today’s Europe.

Union Black (a game with the name of the British flag Union Jack) is a new performance that will tour to several countries in the spring and summer. The European cooperation project has been added in the attention of the 250th anniversary of the circus, as we know of the traditional tent show with animal and clown numbers, attributed to rider Philip Astley (1742-1814). The art form has evolved over time in many directions.

– Today, we are talking about “contemporary” circus that places circus in contemporary art scene and social issues. We celebrate this anniversary with an experiment that exemplifies where the circus is today: in the middle of the present. From gallop to hiphop in 250 years, says Kiki Muukkonen, artistic program manager for Hangaren Subtopia.

– We want to provide a picture of European politics from a bottom-up perspective, with those who concern it as a sender. The performance examines issues like “How will relations with the EU look like Post-Brexit?”. Union Black tackles and answers these questions in a stylized and satirical manner using the dance, circus and the theater as a means of communication, says Jordan Douglas, dancer of Far From the Norm.

Far From the Norm was founded by the choreographer and artistic director Botis Seva 2009. The company’s repertoire includes theater performance, outdoor shows and other forms of staging that aim to challenge the audience. With the attitude that dance and theater can change and canalize, they have now impressed their audience on scenes across Europe.


Subtopia is located in Alby and is a cultural cluster with circus activities with the Hangar as a stage giving four to six different performances annually with companies from the Nordic countries and other parts of the world. Union Black is a collaboration between Subtopia, Le Plus Petit Cirque du Monde (Paris), Cork Midsomer Festival and Crying Out Loud (London), supported by Creative Europe (EU).


Shangomola Edunjobi, Ezra Owen, Joshua Nash, Jordan Douglas, Victoria Shulungu, Botis Seva, Naïma Souhair, Arthur Sidoroff, Mateusz Szczerek och Alessio Motta. The Swedish “emerging artists” who participate in the Swedish set are Anna Aro, Viktor Gårdman, Ronja Jansson, Matthew Horton. Koreographers: Far From the Norm. Registöd: Gaëtan Leveque, Manu Nebuck. Music: Torben Sylvest.

Performances 21 April 19:30 and 22 April 15:00. Recommended from 13 years.

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Alby