Stuff | Grand Hôtel’s new scented candles spreading sense of luxury

By on December 16, 2015

Grand Hôtel now features its own exclusive scented candles made by hand with a wonderful scent of Champagne.

The new scented candle is carefully blended from natural wax with high quality fragrance concentrates. Grand Hôtel candles with the scent of champagne, hold notes of grape, newly sprung rose, vine-ripened peach and white musk. The fragrance is specially designed to give a bubbling fresh and at the same time convivial atmosphere. The combination gives the light a wonderful aroma and fine burn characteristics.

The scented candle is on sale in the Grand Hôtel boutique Grand Affections, or at the Grand Hôtel’s website. The store is open for inspiration and shopping every day of the week between 08.00 and 22.00.

Price 595 SEK.

We want to offer our customers products that provide an atmosphere of the Grand Hôtel in their own homes. There is already our own tea, a gold soap and a gold lotion in our range – and now we can also add a wonderful scented candle which is very beautiful, says Pia Djupmark CEO of the Grand Hôtel.