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By on May 16, 2017

The campaign #jaghöjervolymen is an initiative by the students of Nackademin, that highlighting the problem of normalization of sexual offenses and abuse before the summer festivals. The campaign aims to break the development and is supported by, among others, the artist Maxida Märak and the program leaders Daniel Paris, Ola Lustig and Carin Da Silva.

Before the summer’s festivals, the problem is raised with the normalization of sexual offenses. It is a development that the students at Nackademin’s education Marketing Communications in social media want to break.

– Sexual crime occurs at festivals and around the community. Many victims do not dare to tell or report abuse – often because of normalization and uncertainty about where the limit goes for what is considered criminal. But if nobody tells, if no one reports – the border is moved further and normalization continues. This is what we want to put an end to, says the students Andrea Gasiun and Linda Sundberg.

Through the campaign #jaghöjervolymen wants Nackademin’s marketing communications students to highlight the problem of the normalization of sexual offenses and thereby show that regardless degree, abuse is never something that should be accepted. The goal is to make Sweden’s summer festivals a safer place where everyone can go together without worrying or be afraid.

– Sexual crimes should not occur and must always be reported! We want to break the silence and make the victims voice heard. To our help, we will use boys and girls, both public and private, who can both tell about their own experiences and support the victims stories to raise awareness about the normalization of sexual abuse.

The campaign went live yesterday, May 15, and is ongoing for two weeks. 36 students from Nackademin’s education Market Communicator in Social Media has worked for various months in various working groups and developed #jaghöjervolymen, which takes off from the campaign side and will spread in social channels and through influencers as well as via radio and poster.

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