Strengthen the girls in your municipality during Christmas holidays

By on December 5, 2017

Strengthen the girls in your municipality during Christmas holidays with the camera as a tool!

Course Outline

A total of 5 meetings during the Christmas holidays
The clock: 2 hours/course
Total course hours: 10 pcs
Number of participants: at least 6 pcs and max 10 pcs / group
The target audience is girls and non-binary
The municipality chooses the age range for participants


Margineanu Academy receives the registration and contacts with the parent and the participants. We also offer an open information meeting before the start of a course, for example, a library with coffee and information about the course’s arrangements for parents, etc.


● Strengthens young girls self-esteem and self confidence
● Creates a new platform that contributes to increased activity among girls in the recreation centers and in your municipality
● Introduces photography and learn the basics of photo
● Enhances understanding of the image’s power and image message in the media
● Contributes to the cultural work of the municipality in an innovative manner


We offer a course for participants who will be in a chosen location for two weeks, such as recreation center, library or other cultural center. We finish the course with a photo exhibition based on a chosen theme (from the municipality or by the participants themselves) where we invite friends, parents, politicians and the public.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm