Stina and Ylva Ekblad as sisters in guest play from Finland

By on November 18, 2017

De langerhanska öarna of Susanne Ringell are a guest play from the Klockriketeater in Finland with Stina Ekblad and Ylva Ekblad in the roles. Newly written Finnish drama in Swedish, which addresses existential issues in a one-act play. Giving on the Little Stage 9 and 10 December.

In the play we meet two sisters in a hotel room. They have each other, but it’s also the only thing they seem to have and be sure about.

– The theme of the play is loss, loss of meaning and context. The tone is poetic, often sad but also breakneck associative and disrespectful in relation to given truths and convenience rules. The sisters do not want to be parrots, they say rather exchange thoughts than opinions, rather talk than discuss. They are fighting. They longing, they try to break out. Their lack and longing are related to those often found in Chekhov’s plays, which they also touch, says the dramatist Susanne Ringell.

De langerhanska öarna  are an inner poetic and political drama written with the sisters Ekblad in mind.

The Premiere took place on September 27th in the Louhisalen in collaboration with the Espoo City Theater. After that, the set has been on tour with performances at Wasa Theater, Turku Swedish Theater, National Theater in Helsinki and now Dramaten in Stockholm.

Stina Ekblad
Ylva Ekblad

Text Susanne Ringell
Director Ulrika Bengts
Scenography Katrin Brännström
Costume Linn Wara
Music Peter Hägerstrand
Light Mari Agge

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm