Stellagalan’s female chefs occupy Kockarnas Krog

By on October 22, 2019

During Sthlm Food & Wine, as always, Kockarnas Krog offers exciting culinary experiences. This year, some of Sweden’s foremost female chefs, all with links to Stellagalan, stand for the specially composed dishes with sustainability in focus.

Kockarnas Krog is a pop-up restaurant that can only be visited during Sthlm Food & Wine, November 8-10 at the Stockholm Fair.

Also this year it is Fredrik Eriksson, restaurateur at Långbro Värdshus and Restaurang Nationalmuseum, who is the team leader for Kockarnas Krog. He has, in collaboration with Stellagalan, collected some of Sweden’s most qualified female chefs who stand for this year’s menu, which has a little extra focus on sustainability:

  • Louise Johansson, chef at Lilla Spinneriet in Gothenburg, finalist of the Chef of the Year 2019, winner of Master of the Year 2011.
  • Malin Söderström, runs Moderna Museet’s restaurant, winner of Stellagalan’s honorary award 2019.
  • Frida Nilsson, head of restaurant MJ’s in Malmö, Stellakock of the Year 2019.
  • Maria Printz, Swedish food entrepreneur, Stella baker of the year 2018.


This year’s menu at Kockarnas Krog is made by: Louise Johansson, Malin Söderström, Fredrik Eriksson, Maria Printz and Frida Nilsson.

The purpose of Stellagalan is to make ambitious women visible and within Swedish gastronomy, and work for a gender-equal restaurant industry.

Fredrik Eriksson has supported Stellagalan from the start in 2016:
– Stellagalan shows that there are many women who make a significant contribution to our nutrition, not just those who cook. For me, it has always been a matter of course for the restaurant industry to reflect society at large, in terms of gender distribution, cultural background and more.

One of this year’s food creators at Kockarnas Krog, which was also praised at Stellagalan, is the food contractor and baker Maria Printz from Stallarholmen whose contribution is as delicious as luxurious the “Sörmland sandwich”:

– I want to highlight local Sörmlandic raw materials. The bread is my own Sörmländska brewerbread, where one of the ingredients is a must, which is a residual product in beer production that is usually discarded. A good example of recycling! Otherwise, I have started from raw ingredients that are in season, such as roasted beets, air-dried wild boar ham, and a remoulad made on Sörmland’s signature raw apples.

In addition to Sörmland, you also represent Stellagalan, tell!
– Stellagalan is a very important initiative, we need to become more women in leading positions in all areas of Swedish gastronomy. The fact that many women drop out of their careers because the industry is too single-sex is a big problem. It has also been found that kitchens with a high level of gender equality also become more successful.

Sthlm Food & Wine
Sthlm Food & Wine is the largest food and beverage event in the Nordic countries. Here are many of Sweden’s most prominent chefs and food profiles on site and exciting tastings of food, wine and other beverages are offered.

The entire program with all exciting program points can be found on Sthlm Food & Wines website.

Sthlm Food & Wine 2019 will take place November 8-10 at the Stockholm Fair.

Food & Drink | Stellagalan’s female chefs occupy Kockarnas Krog

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