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By on June 27, 2018
Jan Danielsson/SVT

During the summer, the big series rolls up with sing along, jazz and live concerts at Sollidenscenen. Sanna Nielsen and Ayla Kabaca pilots the sing along audience and Svante Thuresson invite the jazz elite to Sollidenscenen. GES finishes its summer tour here and Björn Skifs sums up a long career but most unbacked is perhaps the constellation Lill – Ebbot, which can be enjoyed on July 6th.

Sing along at Skansen 26 June – 14 August
Eight Tuesdays in the summer, it sings sing along both in real life and in live broadcast in Sweden’s Television with Sanna Nielsen as program leader. First in the premiere program are Shirley Clamp, Peter Jöback, Shirin and Jireel.
August 7th is the time for the Sing along stage is yours and this year belongs that hour to Bo Kaspers Orchestra.

Children’s sing along 1 July – 19 August
Every Sunday there is full speed on Sollidenscenen with the Children’s sing along. A current artist attends the program and all-song conductors are Ayla Kabaca along with Daniel & Yankho, Krumelur Orchestra, Kids Choir Spektrum, led by Marie Bejstam and young dancers from Lasse Kühlers Dance School.

Jazz Monday 2 July – 20 August
For eight months, jazz is performed on no less than four scenes. In the afternoon there is the veranda jazz at Gubbhyllan and Solliden Terrassen. At 19:00, Svante Thuresson is hosting Blue Monday on Sollidenscenen, where the great Swedish jazz musicians appear, and in the evening there is dance to Leif Kronlund and Skansen’s big band at Galejan.

Concert with Lill Lindfors July 6th
Lill Lindfors gives her own concert at Sollidenscenen and with her she has guest artist Ebbot Lundberg which she made a success together with in Så mycket bättre. Also participates does Mats Norrefalk, Anders Linder and Claes Crona Trio.

GES 25 and 26 August
-How many times will we have the chance to say yes? Niklas Strömstedt comment on how it happened when GES started touring again. Now the summer tour of Anders Glenmark, Thomas “Orup” Eriksson and Niklas Strömstedt finishes at Skansen Sollidenscen on 25 and 26 August.

Björn Skifs – Pieces of my life August 31 and September 1st
A journey through the five decades that represents Björn Skif’s unique career with many dear reunions and a few surprises.

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm