Sports holiday: Abzorbs dance activism include all bodies

By on February 16, 2017

Street, Ragga and Feminine vibe. Behind the dance group ABZORB you find five girls: Cynthia Cavieres Toledo, Helin Kavak, Nicole Sandgren, Isabelle Bjärnvik and Pim Mountain. During week nine can children and young people (in several installments) try to dance with instructors who have only one goal with the winter break on Subtopia: Feel joy.

It’s natural for people to dance, yet it is so few that dare. I think it is because we are fed with images of the bodies of dancers should have and that everyone who do not look like that simply not should to dance. What a loss! says Cynthia Toledo, the group’s choreographer and dancer.

Group Abzorb was born four years ago by Cynthia and a classmate got together when they met at St Erik Gymnasiets dance line. The others joined in eventually. Since 2012, they have performed at including Street Star, Concert Hall and We Are Stockholm.

We want that young people with different backgrounds and ethnicities should not be afraid to take place in the Swedish cultural scene, says Cynthia Toledo.

In the sports holiday they will give five-day course, where the first two days devoted to the children 10-15 years, and the following three days to fifteen year olds and up. You don’t need to be able to dance and you can sign up for one or more days. Free!

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  • Has the vision of encourage young people to start their own dance groups.
  • Wants to inspire to lure away from street violence.
  • Want to show people something they’ve never seen on the Swedish cultural scene.
  • Started as a project in the third grade of high school.

The course is given within the framework of Subtopia DIT (Do It Together).

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