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By on June 25, 2017

The Body Shop presents a fourth routine in the Spa of the World ™ series: new Firming Ritual. Enriched with a mixture of fruit extracts taken from forests and climbers, blended into fine consistency and refreshing scents. This is a fresh routine that gives power to skin, body and mind.

A complete Firming Spa Ritual
Give summer a kick start with a dose of refreshing body care. Show off your skin this summer – the three-course ritual makes the skin firmer and smoother.

Ethiopian Green Coffee Cream 350 ml
Firming cream – 325 kr
Summer’s must

After 4 weeks:
86% agree that the skin feels and looks firmer *
85% agree that the skin feels and looks softer*
88% agree that the cream seems moisturizing for a long time *
* Tested on 100 women

Caffeine is known for its uplifting qualities, but also for its firming properties. This cream has been enriched with organic Ethiopian green coffee, which contains high levels of caffeine. The coffee is harvested by hand in the beautiful Coffee region of Ethiopia, commonly known as the “homeland of coffee”. This silky soft yet refreshing cream melts into the skin when it is massaged, making the skin feel firmer and tighter, with a velvety finish.

French Grape Seed Scrub 350 ml
Emollient body scrub – 295 kr

After 4 weeks:
94% agree that the skin feels and looks softer and smoother*
81% agree that the scrub gives the skin a finer surface *
85% agree that the skin looks healthier *
* Tested on 101 women

Grape seed are known for their high levels of polyphenols, a powerful antioxidant that is good at refreshing the skin. Here, the lovely scrub has been permeated with grape powder from France and Community Trade-produced organic sugar from Paraguay to refresh and exfoliate the skin. To massage with sugar is good for refreshing the circulation and developing an more even skin tone. In addition, the freshly fruity aroma helps to awaken the senses.

Thai Makrut Lime Firming Oil 170 ml
Refreshing body oil – 225 kr

After 4 weeks:
88% agree that the skin feels and looks firmer *
85% agree that the skin feels and looks healthier *
87% agree that the oil gives the skin a finer surface *
* Tested on 207 women

The new body oil has been penetrated by fresh papedacitrus/makrut lime. The citrus fruit has long been praised by Thai women for its refreshing fragrance – perfect for waking up the senses after cold winter months. Discover a refreshing oil, enriched with papedacitrus/makrut lime, which is quickly absorbed by the skin. Community Trade-produced marula oil is caring.

Indian Turtle Massager
Massage tool – 190 kr

This stylish turtle-inspired tool has been developed with CommunityTrade suppliers in India. It easily penetrates the skin as it rolls over it and helps stimulate circulation. Put the dot over the Firming Ritual by helping the skin improve elasticity with this tool. Just roll over the skin, along with Thai Makrut Lime Toning Oil, and add a little extra focus on problem areas. The wood massager is made of acacia wood by skilled craftsmen at TeddyExports in southern India.

Spa of the World ™ Firming Ritual lands in store July 11th.

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