Sofia Eks The Minefield Girl new Audio Visual exhibition at Fotografiska

By on February 3, 2018

Sofia Eks exciting Audio Visual Exhibition Minefield Girl

The Minefield Girl 1 February – 18th February

Through innovating storytelling with motion art, narration & 3-D sound design her AudioVisual Book, The Minefield Girl is both an exhibition at Fotografiska and avaliable on Spotify & Audible. At the same day as the exhibition The Minefield Girl opens at Fotografiska last Friday February 1st at 6.00 pm Ek curated an immersive experience for mobile users in the Digital Book Space. The story is based on her personal experiences as a young woman doing business in Libya during Gaddafi’s regime.

Opening today with the audiovisual book’s concept of art, sound and technology, Ek showcased her immersive digital installation at Fotografiska, a world-leading museum of photography based in Stockholm, Sweden, offering an unforgettable experience through photography. Fotografiska is one of the largest and well reputable institutions in Europe, soon to be opened in both London Whitechapel and New York Park Avenue.

Sofia Ek, in collaboration with the Digital Art Platform Blackdove and Fotografiska, has commissioned 18 contemporary artists to create original moving image artwork as interpretations of each of the book chapters The sound design is powered by Buttons NYand the 3-D audio was applied by Visisonics. Ek’s audiovisual book will showcase a different way of how mobile users will experience storytelling in the digital age of literature consumption. The result is an elevated listening experience creating visual context between listener and story. In the exhibition hall the guest will be able to get the background for each artist through Fotografiskas app.

“We are now very proud to exhibit Sofia Ek’s mindblowing exhibition “The Minefield Girl” with its’s unique story and presentation,” says Jan Broman, CEO of Fotografiska International. 

Last Friday parallell with the opening at Fotografiska, Sofia Ek announced the release of her first audiovisual book, “The Minefield Girl”, a story based on her personal experiences as a young woman doing business in Libya during Gaddafi’s regime. Her audiovisual book was set to be released last Friday on Spotify’s new multimedia format, “Spotlight”. The book’s audio version will be available on Audible as well.

“I am excited to share such an immersive experience that will display an integration of different industries for the curation of storytelling. To be exhibited at Fotografiska is such a great honour and the exhibition makes a perfect match with the digital channels. It is also cool that they will open up at Park Avenue in the beginning of next year. It shows the great interest for photography as an artform, and its fantastic impact as storyteller” shares Sofia Ek. “Today, with the power of consumption on our mobile phones, I wanted to present a combination of how we expand our minds to obtain stories through film, television, mobile phones, streaming platforms, online videos, etc. Through art, narration and sound, I expose the power and danger that I faced by the Gaddafi regime, and how it affected me – both personally and professionally.” 

Many of the multimedia artists who took part of the book’s motion art include Alex Israel, Jon Kessler, Johanna Hauser and many more. For a full break down on each artist and chapter from “The Minefield Girl,” please see the link below, which will lead you to a digital zine presented by Black Dove.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm