Småkockarna are looking for the next young champion chef

By on June 16, 2017

16 seats are available for young cooking enthusiasts who love to cook and maybe even dream of a future in the restaurant industry. It is the cooking school Småkockarna who invests heavily in the autumn’s culinary news – Småkockarnas Kockskola for young people aged 12-16 years. Here the children have the opportunity to create fantastic dining experiences and meet new friends who share the passion for cooking.

Småkockarnas Kockskola is a long-awaited news on Småkockarna, which usually has cooking courses for children between 5-13 years. The regular cooking courses take place 5-6 times, unlike Småkockarnas Kockskola, which is divided into four levels with six lessons and one study visit in each level. The education, with a total of 28 courses, extends over the autumn and spring semesters. The goal is to give the chef aspirants a good foundation to stand on if they want to continue the way in the restaurant and food industry.

– Among other things, we go through a wide range of cooking methods and food management so that the students get a good basic knowledge of the kitchen. With severel of study visits and guest lecturers, young cooks get an exciting insight into how it works in practice, said Madeleine Morne, founder of Småkockarna.

An selection of what is included in the schedule is knife technicians, hygiene routines, nutrition lessons, classical as well as innovative seasonal menus from both the hot and cold cuisine. Suitable dishes, such as reindeer stew, bouillabaisse or Crème brûlée, are prepared for each course depending on the theme of the day.

The first level at Småkockarnas Kockskola is “Chef’s basics in the kitchen”, then follows the build-up levels that rise in the severity. All young people with cook dreams can enroll, even though they have no deeper knowledge behind the apron.

– No previous knowledge are required – except a genuine interest in cooking, Madeleine Morne concludes.

Småkockarnas Kockskola starts on 21 August 2017. There is room for 16 children on the course and it is the principle of first come first served applies.

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